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I learned about Angee and her services at 36w with my 2nd child. I had wanted a home birth with my first and still knew it was the best option for my 2nd child. Angee and I didn't know each other long before delivery but she answered all of my questions over the next 4 weeks.

She believes in a woman's natural ability to carry and deliver babies. She encouraged me to trust my instincts through the whole process. Her encouragement gave me so much confidence going into delivery. 

She was the perfect balance of being present and invisible. I knew she was there and provided great support but I also felt completely undisturbed to labor in my own way. She took care of everything in my house and stayed with us until we were all comfortable and confident that my son and I were both doing great. 

Her support post partum has continued to be invaluable and she is such a huge reason why I loved my entire birthing experience this time around! I can't wait to work with Angee during my next pregnancy!

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