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My name is Angee Hock. My journey as a birth professional began in 2004, consulting with moms in pregnancy and birth. I began attending births as a doula in 2013, before discovering my calling to help women find their power and ancient wisdom through traditional midwifery. I’m excited and honored to be a part of each birth story.  I am very passionate about all things relating to birth and women’s health. I am forever a student, continuously learning and growing in wisdom and knowledge through classes, podcasts, reading, conferences, and webinars. 

My real curiosity for birth began after my second child was born. After being repeatedly lied to during my induction, I walked away from my son’s birth feeling confused. I believed his induction birth was fighting against nature, which felt wrong. I wondered how many other women felt the same way. With my third and fourth children, I desired to gain more knowledge about the physiological child birthing process. Since that time, I have trained and/or experienced many different birth scenarios.

Though I possess knowledge in many birthing techniques, I am a natural undisturbed home birth advocate. I believe that we were created to birth without invention and that women possess the God-given wisdom and intuition to birth their babies free from regulation.  I also believe in women making truly informed choices about their births. 

I am married with five amazing children, which I homeschool. I also enjoy many activities including camping, hunting, and hiking. We all currently live around Kearney, Nebraska.

Loved having Angee assist our home-birth. She is very knowledgeable and will work with you to tailor your birth experience YOUR way. She was very flexible during the birth, jumping in wherever needed. Loved having her visit our home to check on us afterwards, as well as taking initiative to study up on something we though might be an issue after the birth. She is definitely someone you want on your birthing team!

Nebraska Birth Keeper | Traditional Midwife
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