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Nebraska Birth Keeper | Traditional Midwife

About Nebraska Birth Keeper

The Story of Nebraska Birth Keeper begins in April 2016 when a group of free birth advocates (me included) were listening to a conference call. The call was talking about Private Membership Associations (PMA). Previously, I’d been looking for a way to bring midwifery to Nebraska. Upon hearing that conference call, a new spark of hope was ignited. I pooled a group of women together that might be interested and named it Nebraska Birth Keepers. Over the next several months I spent researching, planning, and physically preparing to make this PMA a real option for Nebraska women. In November 2016, it was apparent that I could no longer wait to develop a PMA. Women were continuously contacting me, wanting me to provide birth services within the next several months. I began to pray and gather my resources together, and in January 2017 Nebraska Birth Keeper, a Private Membership Association, was born.

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