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I just LOVE the moms I work with.  

Here are some of the kind and lovely things they have had to say about me.

Our family valued and still value you, even a year after the birth of the boys. You were an amazing asset to our birth plan. And when things didn't go as planned because twins, c section, and cystic fibrosis, you were there the whole time. Angee was with one child while my husband was in another hospital with the other and I rested and recovered from surgery. You came to Omaha, away from your family, to help me with the boys when my family could not.


You are a true blessing. And anyone who hires you is gaining great value to their birthing plan. No one could ever deserve your work.

You have a passion for the women and children you serve that is worth every penny and more. The Carlson family loves you!


“Angee was a priceless addition to our birth experience! Coming off of an uneducated first experience 4 years ago with our son, which resulted in an exceptionally long labor and therefore recovery, we jumped at the opportunity to work with her during our second pregnancy and delivery.


Angee provided us with  education and resources prior to the delivery that assisted us in having a successful and positive birth experience with our daughter! Angee is very passionate about birth and helping moms and dads to have the birth experience they desire.


My husband was very thankful for the direction she provided during the labor process as it enabled him to help me through the process and allowed him a break when needed.


By providing numerous areas of education from essential oils to positions to help progress labor, Angee was essential to us accomplishing a natural birth! We could not have done it without her. For that we are extremely grateful and would recommend her services to any and all expecting parents! Thank you Angee!”


“After learning that I would need to have my third child naturally, I contacted Angee. She was very helpful educating my husband and myself on various techniques to help me relax throughout labor. When labor finally came, we appreciated her presence and her knowledge. She instructed my husband on various ways to help me through contractions, many of which relieved almost all of the noticeable pain and helped me to relax, especially during early labor. Her knowledge and use of essential oils was very helpful as well. She assisted my husband in applying counter pressure during contractions and provided wonderful encouragement and reassurance. She also stayed as an extra pair of hands until we were fully settled after the delivery.


She was very confident, but not pushy, and she genuinely cares about her mommies. We were very thankful that Angee’s services were available.


We feel like we learned so much, and we would have been much less prepared to deal with the physical discomfort of labor without her expertise. She is a blessing to have on your team! ”


”Angee was wonderful throughout both my pregnancy and my home birth. I'm a first time mom and the insight and wisdom she shared with me was invaluable. 

She gave me the confidence I needed to follow my instincts during a sometimes very challenging unmediated labor.

My husband was able to look to Angee for ways to help me better, especially during transition when I was having a difficult time coping with the pain. My son was born healthy and happy into his father's hands and while we bonded I barely noticed that she cleaned up all of our towels, started laundry and did our dishes!! My home didn't even look like I had just had a baby!! She then helped me shower while my husband dressed our baby. It was truly a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her. We will certainly not have another baby without her!! “


“Angee's services during pregnancy and birth were awesome.  In fact, I would call her services more of a friendship than just doula services.  We found Angee during our third trimester, but still met with her 4 times prior to birth to talk about what our birth would look like, what we wanted, answer the many questions we had, and just get to know her.  She came to our home for a birthing class with the rebozo and different techniques and positions we could use for pain management during our natural childbirth.  She was always happy, helpful, and willing to work around our schedule.  We communicated via texts, phone calls, facebook, and email messages in between the times we met face-to-face.

She is very knowledgeable about birthing situations that may arise and was able to tell when I needed to try something different during the birthing process.  She provided heat therapy, aroma therapy, massage during labor, a rebozo, and offered several other options.  She came right away when I needed her during labor and stayed several hours after birth.  She provided contact information for other services we were looking for as well.

After birth, she brought us a meal and met with us in our home, talked with us, and spent some time talking about our birth, just as a friend would.  She followed up later with texts and messages to see how we were all doing.  She also set up an online meal train for people to bring us food.

Angee's knowledge, passion, and love for what she does truly showed in her dedication to us before, during, and after birth, and we knew we could count on her for support in the birth of our baby."


Loved having Angee assist our home-birth. She is very knowledgeable and will work with you to tailor your birth experience YOUR way. She was very flexible during the birth, jumping in wherever needed. Loved having her visit our home to check on us afterwards, as well as taking initiative to study up on something we though might be an issue after the birth. She is definitely someone you want on your birthing team!


I learned about Angee and her services at 36w with my 2nd child. I had wanted a home birth with my first and still knew it was the best option for my 2nd child. Angee and I didn't know each other long before delivery but she answered all of my questions over the next 4 weeks. She believes in a woman's natural ability to carry and deliver babies. She encouraged me to trust my instincts through the whole process. Her encouragement gave me so much confidence going into delivery. 

She was the perfect balance of being present and invisible. I knew she was there and provided great support but I also felt completely undisturbed to labor in my own way. She took care of everything in my house and stayed with us until we were all comfortable and confident that my son and I were both doing great. 

Her support postpartum has continued to be invaluable and she is such a huge reason why I loved my entire birthing experience this time around! I can't wait to work with Angee during my next pregnancy!


It was so wonderful to have Angee at our home birth! This was our first baby and a long, and intense labor! We couldn't have done it without Angee and her knowledge! She was absolutely amazing! She was very flexible during the birth, helping me do what I wanted to do, and knew I needed to do, to continue on with a natural birth.


She had wonderful suggestions, but was never "pushy" about them just so helpful and supportive. That's the best thing about having her as our midwife, she is so helpful and supportive of what YOU want for birth!


We highly recommend her for any birthing experience, but definitely if you are wanting a natural home birth! Thank you Angee!! You were and are such a blessing to us!


"I came to know about Angee and Bella Births through a mutual friend. My daughter was four weeks old and we were having some problems with her not gaining weight and having to be seen by the doctor every two to three days if not every week. The constant pressure of taking her to the doctor, trying to feed her enough so that she started gaining weight, trying to make her grow at the standard pace rather than at her own pace was frustrating, tiring, and depressing. I felt guilty and was thinking of myself as the worst mom. I almost stopped breast feeding because I thought I didn't have enough milk. 

That's when Angee came to visit me. From her very first visit I felt encouraged, confident, and relaxed. She started visiting me on a regular basis, bringing her scale with her to stay on top of the weight problem. With lots of moral help from her I was able to take control of the situation.  


The visits to the doctor lessened from once a week to once a month. My daughter is growing and is a happy, normal baby. And I'm a happy mommy!  I admire and appreciate Angee's encouraging nature, helpfulness, dedication, and knowledge. She's been such a blessing to me.


Thank you so much for the miscarriage care package! That was so sweet and such a blessing to me. The oils have been amazing and help with a lot of the pain. What a blessing.


I didn't find Angee until I was about 30 weeks and for convenience our first meeting was on the phone- I knew instantly she was the perfect person to attend my upcoming home birth. She's knowledgeable, respectful, faces any questions or fears head on and handles them with a comfort and calmness-which I imagine you would definitely want in the case of something not going as planned.

I loved that ultimately I was in charge and she was totally okay with helping me create the kind of birth I was envisioning. Even though we had only met in person once before my baby was born I trusted her enough to know that had anything come up- she would have my back and not intervene/do anything outside my wants unless absolutely necessary.


also had some fears after the birth and she responded with ease and reassurance. I had the most amazing home birth and I know the entire process wouldn't have been nearly as relaxed or healing without Angee as my midwife.


If I had to choose one word to describe how I felt under the care of Nebraska Birth Keeper, it would be “safe”. Angee does an amazing job of creating an atmosphere where it is: 

• Safe to share your concerns
• Safe to talk about tough things
• Safe to name and face fears
• Safe from the pressure of outside influences
• Safe to give birth naturally at home

She is knowledgeable, confident, proficient, and professional – all traits that foster a positive and empowering experience – pregnancy through postpartum. 

With the right midwife, homebirth is an experience like none other! I am so thankful that Nebraska Birth Keeper provides this unique and meaningful opportunity for both urban and rural Nebraskans. 

I cannot say enough about the thorough and high-quality care that I received, and I highly recommend giving Angee a call if the idea of a safe, natural, intuitive, and empowering birth appeal to you.


I first met Angee while my husband I were trying to conceive our second baby. We had been trying for about 4 months when we made our meet and greet appointment with her. Homebirth was something I had been longing to do, but didn’t think it was possible here in the state of NE. After doing some research on what my options were, I stumbled across Nebraska Birth Keeper. After viewing her website and speaking with her over Facebook, I knew I had to meet this already charming woman.


From the moment I met her, I felt comfortable. She greeted me with a warm hug and immediately I knew I could trust her. Soon after our initial meeting, we called her to set up our first prenatal appointment. Angee was very kind and gentle at every appointment. She took her time and never rushed her care. All of my appointments lasted over an hour, which made me feel very special in comparison to the rushed appointments with my first pregnancy and hospital birth. The day finally arrived when our little one was ready to enter the world. I gave Angee a call after my waters broke to let her know what was happening.


She gave me full control on when I thought she needed to be present. We live in Omaha, about 3 hours away from her. Once we decided to have her head our direction, she was on the road! My entire labor was led by me. We wanted a very hands off approach. Angee was extremely respectful of this, and only stepped in when I asked for help. I was able to deliver and catch my baby all by myself, which was the most rewarding and magical moments of my life. Angee stood near and was ready to offer assistance if I needed.


My entire birth experience was exactly what I desired. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love Angee and her wonderful assistant, Micki. Both of them were remarkable at making me and my family feel safe and comfortable. I would recommend Angee 1000x over again. I truly believe that everyone deserves the birth experience of their dreams, and with Nebraska Birth Keeper, that was made possible!


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