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With a Thankful Heart

As we all approach the New Year, many of us reflect on 2018. For me, it was another year of expansion in all areas of my life.

Personally, my family grew both spiritually and physically. It all started when I discovered I was pregnant last January. This discovery was a life changing event at a time when my marriage was struggling. In March, Tracy and I made a commitment to start again with a renewed focus and God has worked miracles through that decision.

Professionally, Nebraska Birth Keeper grew, not just in births, but in trainings and services. We added Inspira, which is an option for community prenatal/ postpartum visits for members. I finished my certification with Innate Traditions in March. The middle of May, I attended the Indie Birth Retreat with my eldest daughter. In June, I went to London to train under Tami Kent and complete certification in Holistic Pelvic Care™. I added Holistic Pelvic Care™ to my services in August and Postpartum Support in November. Then I had the privilege to learn under Sister Morningstar with certification in Basic Disaster Birth Support. Ivy Lux, with Little moon Doula Care, and I taught two classes in February and May, both focused on caring for the postpartum time. I also attended 15 births in six months throughout the year.

Our hearts grew with our little man’s powerful entry earth-side in September. After his birth, I experienced a beautiful postpartum period, which I’d prepared for months in advanced, to put into practice what I encourage others to do (blogs on that later).

2018’s theme was Connect Deeply. This connection extended to myself, my husband, my kids, my new baby boy, and also to collogues and dear friends that were only acquaintances before. This year’s theme I feel is Refinement. I believe it will be a year of continuing to rid myself of things that no longer serve, in order to purify what remains.

Nebraska Birth Keeper will also continue to grow in 2019. We added two new birth pools and a CUB (video next week). We added new Nebraska Birth Keeper onsies and shirts for members. We also added different options for midwifery packages for those wanting extended postpartum care. We will continue to teach classes, focusing on the postpartum time. Lastly, we added the Village Blessing for all pregnant women to feel nourished. Here is the video link.

Looking back on 2018, I look back with a thankful heart. I see the growth in my life, the beauty and support of my family, and friends and supporters who have encouraged me. My cup overflows with love, as I look to 2019. I know I have only begun and the best is yet to come.

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