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As This Year Comes to a Close……

As this year comes to an end, many look back and reflect on their accomplishments, families, wealth, and health. If wise, many have thought about the year ahead, and hopefully more thought than a typical weight loss resolution.

2017 was a roller-coaster year and I know I’m not alone. I’ve suffered considerable relationship loses, repaired others, and also gained new and exciting ones. I’ve seen clearly my path in some areas of my life and felt as if I’m in a fog in other areas. I’ve seen great success in parts of my journey, and failure in others. I’ve laughed, cried, been inspired, been down-cast. It has been a year full of experiences, great, good, bad and ugly. Does this sound familiar to you?

Back in October, I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA for additional training. During my down time, I was able to go to the beach with my dear friend, Penelope. In the ocean, we swam out passed the waves. The water was smooth and cool, gently lifting us up and down. We floated on our back fully embracing being surrounded by creation. Then Mother Nature showed her power with a surprise wave that threw us deeply into the ocean floor. Confused for a moment, I didn’t know which way was to the surface. It was a physically exhilarating experience to feel such power and energy.

I compare this experience to life. At times life may be smooth and all together peaceful and suddenly a wave strikes what I thought to be certain, leaving me confused and unable to breath. Yet, the same water, which hurled me under, also helps me find the surface and suddenly I can find peace again.

The theme of this last year was NOURISH. Learning how to nourish myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was guilty in years past of disliking and yes, even hating myself. Of course, our culture reinforces this from a young age with messages like: change your look, change your body, don’t feel, hate your menstrual period, all pain is bad, never good enough.

Finally, I learned hatred of what we are created to be, denies us freedom and power which we are CREATED to live in.

What if we NOURISH and loved ourselves? What if we saw ourselves for the exquisite, crown of creation, we are designed to be? How would the power, created in us, be unleashed to change ourselves and thus the world?

I hope to develop these thoughts further and share with others, as I see generations of women denying or struggling with their power given. These conflicts misdirected our energies and turn into bitterness towards each other. We must embrace our own journey, knowing with each decision, good or bad, shapes us to the person we become.

The theme I set out for this coming year is CONNECT DEEPLY. Deeper connections with God, myself, and select individuals round me. This also means cutting connections which are not developing and do not serve my purpose.

For those who have not thought of your intentions of 2018, I encourage to take time and do so. Intentional living is never wasted. It doesn’t mean life will not give you hurling waves, but when you trust your creator and purpose, you will find your path.

Here's to a New Year with new intentions!

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