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Seasons Come Full Circle

This year has been very different from what I ever thought it would be. It has been a season for many changes in my life. Early this year I started with a season of Beginnings. Nebraska Birth Keeper was “birthed” and is thriving. However, my season of Beginnings quickly turned into a season of Endings in other aspects of my life. Ending of former ministries, passions, leaders in my life, and relationships. I’ve cried and struggled with a broken heart wondering where is God leading me through this. Last year, I thought I knew what direction I was headed and the timeline. I thought I was capable. And though I know no one is immune to hardship, I thought I was strong. I thought I had strong relationships, I thought I could trust the leaders over me. I thought, I thought, I thought……… I thought it all WRONG.

I have had my heart emptied so many times before, but this year it was different. I was different. Through these trials, I continue to find my voice. LOUDER and STRONGER calling within my spirit, leading me away from things and people which are prideful, superficial, and not genuine in my life. Leading me into a deeper power of God which I’m only beginning to understand.

I’ve always being a minimalist at heart. I’m always cleaning “house” in my life. However, I don’t usually toss “things” until “I” want to let go. What happens when something is taken from me that I wasn’t ready to let go???? Some passions and relationships suddenly ended that I wasn’t prepared to end. In my mind, in my plan, it was not the time. I have been shaken to the core of my life as it was. God is Sovereign and through the fog and heartache of death, came birth and renewal. Birth and drive of new and expanded passions, ideas, and ways of life.

Through my mourning tears over what I thought would be, I see visions and I rejoice of the future coming ahead. I see not only what the Nebraska birth community could and will be, I see visions of sisters coming together, supporting one another, and sharing life together. I see a mighty force of sisterhood reaching out and teaching one another. I see a place where young women can come and find their own voice by hearing ours. A mission to restore ancient sisterhood by holding space for women to reconnect with themselves, their sisters, and Creator God. Through this connection women can receive wholeness, healing, encouragement, empowerment, ancient wisdom, knowledge from a natural view point, and community. I see families strengthened and restored. I see expectant families, birthing their babies surrounded by support, freedom, and a spiritual embrace. More to come LATER.

Life comes full circle through seasons. Some taken by surprise and others we anticipated for years. We may view death or the ending as despair; however, if we embrace that all things have purpose there will be a rebirth behind it. So, it is with these passions, callings, and support that I look ahead, knowing my God is in control and His divine purpose is greater than I could ever dream. Be encouraged, if you’ve endured many changes this year too. By learning and embracing the past, both life-giving and death, we grow strong roots for the future.

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