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A New Chapter

In December, I posted that exciting changes were coming for Bella Births and me.

As many of you know, I’ve been striving to provide traditional midwifery services here in the state of Nebraska. About a year ago, I listened to an Indie Birth Wise Women call (a private group I belong to) that forever changed my life. The live call talked about Private Membership Association. A Private Membership Association (known as a PMA) is a protected right under our 1st and 14th Constitutional Amendments as well as other national and international charters. Under these protected rights, any group of people can come together and create articles of their association. As long as that group isn’t creating a substantiated evil and is acting within their articles, they and any members who choose to belong, are excluded from state and federal law within the stated articles. You may click on this link to read more about a PMA.

This informative call opened my eyes to the possibility of practicing midwifery lawfully in Nebraska. Since that moment, a passion has been ignited to bring more options to women in Nebraska. A few months ago the vision started becoming reality! I have known for quite a while that traditional midwifery was my path and it was clear that this was going to happen much sooner that I thought. Through many preparations over the last couple months, I’m finally ready to announce my changes……

As of January 2017, I am providing traditional midwifery services lawfully in the state of Nebraska, for private members, under a Private Membership Association. Take a Breath……

I do not offer my service to the public, rather to private members only, who sign into my association. People may contact me if they’re interested in joining.

From Bella Births to Nebraska Birth Keeper

When examining the direction of my services, I felt that Bella Births, while a beautiful name, wasn’t keeping in line with my direction. For that, Bella Births has undergone a name change and new logo. I am happy to announce the name of my association, Nebraska Birth Keeper. It comes complete with a new website: Over several weeks, a group of professionals and I have been working on new business cards, contracts, brochures, etc.

Some may be asking if I still will take on doula clients, birthing in a hospital or birth center setting. The answer currently is yes. I love all my mamas and their choices.

Just when you thought that was a big announcement in itself, there’s more! To further my education in midwifery and homeopathy, I am furthering my studies through Matrona School of Midwifery. I’m very thankful to work with amazing and wise birth professionals. I will be FOREVER a student, as I seek to bring many options to the Nebraska natural health community.

But wait, there’s more…….. To further my experience in birth, I have been accepted to MamababyHaiti, a birth Center in Haiti. I will leave January 27 and return Feb. 11. There I will serve the local expecting mamas, work under the local midwives, and gain priceless hands-on experience. I will also be bringing many birth supplies with me. I’m VERY excited to be a part of this opportunity.

I’m very blessed by all these changes to my career, but they have come with great growing pains. During this time of transition I have also faced many changes apart from my work. Challenges and growth include my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Some friendships have grown, some have not. I have endured great loss along with success. I have also seen changes in our family dynamics, some good and some that need improvement. It is much to take in within the last two months, so I process as I’m able and take life as it comes.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

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