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A Birthing Center Battle, We are Capable of More

In Nebraska, the news has circulated far and wide about the possible closing of The Midwife’s Place in Bellevue, Ne. You can get more details by clicking the link below.

The natural and holistic birthing communities around the state went to battle sending numerous letters, emails, and phone calls to keep The Midwife’s Place open. Natural birthing communities stood together and accomplished keeping the only birthing center in Nebraska from shutting its doors. The facebook post on The Midwife’s Place Page……

“The Midwife’s Place would like to thank everyone who called, emailed and sent letters of support to our practice, legislators and the media. This tremendous effort by all of you did not go unnoticed. As you know The Midwife’s Place was set to close at the end of July due to political struggles. Fortunately, administrators at Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue stepped up to the plate and played a star role in pushing paperwork through in order to keep us open. We are happy to announce that The Midwife’s Place will remain open with the same providers, scope of practice and delivery locations. This would not have been possible without all of the support we received from you and Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue. There are truly no words to express our gratitude. Thank you”

But what did this birthing community really accomplish????

Many women spent much time and effort to keep one center open, but one might ask…..

What would happen If the same women wrote letters, emails, and phone calls to state senators, demanding separation of midwifery from medical practice???

Or better yet

What would happen if we stood up together demanding all birth freedoms in the state of Nebraska???

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the birth center is remaining open. I believe women should have birthing options. However, one birthing center is only a small and narrow piece of the puzzle. We need to open our minds to what is really happening to birth in Nebraska, looking beyond one birthing center at the far end of the state.

What if Nebraska separated midwifery from medical practice?

The possibilities of more birthing centers across the state and options to have any home birth midwife present at your birth could be limitless.

If women unite to keep a birth center open, yet in the next breath claim it’s because they can't have a homebirth midwife, are we limiting our ability to be a voice? Who are we blindly giving control over our births too?

If we can unite to keep a center open, I believe we can unite to open up freedoms for all birthing moms in the state.

Do you?????

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