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Nebraska Birth Keeper | Angee Hock | Traditional Midwife

Nebraska Birth Keeper is a Private Membership Association that provides traditional home birth services as an option for pregnant and birthing women. I provide concrete knowledge, ancient wisdom, and current research so women can take back their power by making fully informed choices. I empower women to use their knowledge, intuition, and wisdom that ALL women have and NEED in order to birth and mother. I serve families who seek and value an “out of the box”, well-rounded and intelligent perspective.


I just LOVE the moms I work with. Here are some of the kind and lovely things they have had to say about me.​

Nebraska Birth Keeper | Traditional Midwife | Water Birth

"...Angee is very confident, but not pushy, and she genuinely cares about her mommies. We were very thankful that Angee’s services were available. We feel like we learned so much, and we would have been much less prepared to deal with the physical discomfort of labor without her expertise. She is a blessing to have on your team!"

Nebraska Birth Keeper | Traditional Midwife

"By providing numerous areas of education from essential oils to positions to help progress labor, Angee was essential to us accomplishing a natural birth! We could not have done it without her. For that we are extremely grateful and would recommend her services to any and all expecting parents! Thank you Angee!" 

Nebraska Birth Keeper | Traditional Midwife

"I'm a first time mom and the insight and wisdom she shared with me was invaluable. She gave me the confidence I needed to follow my instincts during a sometimes very challenging unmediated labor."

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